The new Bulgari Aluminium is a reinterpretation of the watch that Bulgari launched in 1998 with the innovative combination of an aluminium case and a rubber bezel and strap. Introducing a watch in a non-precious metal like aluminium and with a rubber strap in the luxury market was then an absolutely innovative and revolutionary concept. At Pons & Bartumeu we remember that time very well; we had just achieved the exclusive distribution of the Bulgari brand in Andorra and the arrival of the Bulgari Aluminium surprised us and was an unprecedented success.

More than twenty years later, this watch strikes us again and surprises us even more because it is able to present an avant-garde and groundbreaking image while maintaining the original aesthetic codes and materials. Their language goes far beyond sex, age, trends and time. Bulgari Aluminium is simple but amazing and continues to approach the world of watchmaking with innovative and incredibly contemporary audacity and strength.  We are likely facing a new revolution.

The new watch is presented in a single unisex version with 40 mm anodized aluminium case, rubber strap and outer bezel, crown, pushbuttons (chrono version), inner bezel and titanium screws with DLC (diamond like carbon) titanium. Grey or black dial with calendar, self-made automatic mechanical movement B77 and B130 (chrono version) and 100 m waterproof. The new aluminium alloy is ultra-resistant to corrosion and wear out and the new rubber, used in the aerospace sector for its heat resistance, is considered high performance and biocompatible.

Put on the wrist, both in women and in men, the new Bulgari Aluminium is of amazing  lightness, comfort, solidity and versatility.


Here are the three unisex models currently presented:

Ref. 103382

40 MM,  automatic, grey dial

Andorra price: 2.660 €

Ref. 103445
40 MM, automatic, black dial
Andorra price: 2.660 €

Ref. 103383
40 MM, automatic chronograph, grey dial
Andorra price:  3.830 €

Special mention should be made of the special case the watch is presented, radically different from the usual Bulgari case, which has a rectangular shape and finishes in aluminium on the outside and black rubber on the inside.

Don’t miss the opportunity to try out a Bulgari Aluminium in any of our boutiques located on the main commercial axis of Andorra.

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